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Monday, June 30, 2014

A mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do

Who would have thought that I'd be worrying (and writing) about being an overprotecting mother? There's a first for everything.

Last night, around 9pm

Monday morning, 8am. 

It had been raining since yesterday and all through the night, but today looked like it was going to be a dry day, even though on the cool side. 

Can you see raindrops during the day? Me neither!
Mr C didn't want to wear a jacket. Because… summer! I let him go in his thin sweater.

10:30am. Why is it so dark all of a sudden? And what's that sound? 
Geez, where did all that rain suddenly come from? It was pouring! Big fat drops, and gazillions of them! 

OK - what am I going to do? Colin's class goes to the gym on Monday mornings. His favorite. They walk to the school gym before 10 and head back after 11. It's less than 2,000 feet, but far enough to get soaked! Wait, am I sure it's 10 - 11? Maybe it's 9:30 - 10:30, and they will be on their way soon? Will they wait until it stops? What if it doesn't?

My husband read an article about helicopter parents the other day. Obviously teachers say that moms who care (=control) too much have become a bigger problem than the ones who actually don't give a d* and neglect their kids. I don't know any of them, but hey, the teachers must know. 

My aunt is an elementary school teacher, and she says some of the moms asked her to send them a text when the kid arrives at school. She refused, but younger teachers do it. When she told us about this, I joked and said "I don't need a text about his arrival time, but I wouldn't mind an occasional picture showing how he is having a good time."

Anyway. Here I was - still in my PJs, my Monday morning treat when I don't have to go shopping or leave the house otherwise - debating in my head whether I should bring a jacket to the gym, and if I did, how would I go about it? Sneak into the locker room and just leave it with his stuff? Would he even notice? He has been known to forget his cap, his sweater or his bag. Actually walk into their gym class and risk to embarrass him? 

Maybe it was going to stop raining anyway, and I should just relax and take my shower now? How could I take a warm shower when at the same time my boy would get a cold one? What kind of a mom risks her kid getting sick? "He didn't want to wear his jacket" is a lame excuse. He is 5.5 years old, and he also doesn't want to eat his veggies and go to bed - I still make him! It's my ?#@*&%! responsibility!

So if you were in the neighborhood and saw a mom in a ponytail (who cares about washing their hair when they worry about their baby getting a cold pneumonia?) scurrying from the school parking lot to the gym with a boy's jacket in her hand… it was me.

I was going to leave it in the locker room, but then I heard cheerful kids shrieking, and I couldn't help myself. I opened the door and snuck a peak. Aaaawww, what a happy place! They were running around, laughing and not worrying about a thing! I didn't even see Colin, but I did see Mrs T, his teacher. I gave her the jacket, and she nodded and said "Thanks. Now did you bring one for me, too? Gee, it's really coming down hard, isn't it?"

Needless to say, by the time I was back home, the rain subsided, and as I'm typing this, the sun is back out, and the birds are chirping. 

You have a wonderful Monday, friends!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

You are invited! My blog is celebrating 2 years today!

Hello and Welcome!

A blogger friend's baby daughter turned one yesterday, and she - the mommy - posted on Facebook "anyone want to tell me how an entire year passes so quickly?"

Times really flies when you're having fun, right? Happy Birthday, Whitlee!

It doesn't feel like two years ago that I raced to Zurich for a spur of the moment purchase of a purse to accommodate my work papers. Did you know that Dads are thinking about carrying a cool, manly purse, too, these days? Anyway - my own purse story felt too lengthy to be a Facebook post, so - another spur of the moment thing - I decided to start a blog! And that's how my first post was born. I won't be able to submit it for any awards for sure, but I like to think that the second one was already more entertaining. It's about a 4 year old who needs to learn that "going out for dinner" doesn't necessarily mean grabbing a cheeseburger at BK. Even though there's nothing wrong with that: Decision making

when I started out, I hardly knew any other bloggers. One of the first was Candice at Measurements of Love with whom I have a couple of things in common: our sons are the same age, and we both like to bake and do crafts. Only Candice's stuff turns out soooo much nicer:

I love cherries, and I love chocolate, so I was quick to try her Dark Chocolate Cherry Muffins recipe. Something went wrong, though. They looked like extinct volcanoes:

2013 - not so nice
But you know what they say. If you fall off your horse, it's best to mount it again immediately. Well, it took me a year, but hey, they turned out nicely this time!

2014 - that's more like it!
I was on a roll now. Found another recipe that sounded delicious: Chocolate Cherry Cake

Original picture by Alia

What is wrong with me? I can't offer this to my guests?

This is the one piece that looked decent.It tastes delicious, too.
I guess I'll try again next year. I already have the perfect cherry triplets that I'll put in the freezer for my 3rd blogversary cake ;-)

Bought them from a roadside sales stand last night.

I want to thank you for reading my blog! Hope to see you around in the future, too!

Here's to you!

My dream glasses!
I'd be too afraid to break them,

because… glass -
but aren't they gorgeous?

Friday, June 27, 2014

Funny Friday - Liberty

Today’s post is an episode of a monthly feature. It’s called Funny Friday and is a collaborative project that I’ll post on the last Friday of every month. Each month one of the participants submits a picture, then we all write 5 captions or thoughts inspired by that month’s picture. Links to the other bloggers’ posts are below, click on them and see what they’ve come up with. I hope we bring a smile to your face as you start your weekend.

Here’s today picture. It was submitted by Black Sheep Mom

1. $ 9,000, 10,000, there you go. Do you think anybody will notice that we switched places?
2. I'm getting tired of waiting. Let's leave! Yellow, blue and orange are on their own!

    3. My purse? Isn't it cute? Ordered it online. Got the matching wallet as well.
    4. How am I gonna light my torch? Excuse me, do you happen to have a lighter?
    5. My number in Vegas is 702-740-6969, call me some time! 

    Click on the links below and let some other bloggers make you smile: 

    Someone Else’s Genius 
    Confessions of a part-time working mom

    Tuesday, June 24, 2014

    Virtual Blog Tour

    Don't let the title fool you - I'm afraid I'm not taking you on a virtual trip to a secluded tropical island! Well, not today, anyway. There's not even an independence day bikini giveaway. I'm especially not telling you about how I purchased the first bikini in years last summer. Not a pleasant experience, believe me. 

    If you're happy with a trip across the Röstigraben though, just go ahead and click here. Yes, I'll explain what the Röstigraben is! I can even give you a glimpse of Graceland if that's where you've always wanted to go. 

    Today you'll get to hear from Karen at Baking In A Tornado who celebrated her 2 year blogversary just last week (yes, that's a hint! Go over there and wish her a happy one!) why she nominated mine as one of the blogs she likes. To me this is so much better than a free bikini! Thanks, my friend!

    Let's get started and answer those questions:

    What are you working on?
    This past weekend I finally finished "a woman's place" - I had to start over after deleting a post that was almost complete by mistake. I was annoyed, grumbling and all, swearing I would not go and re-write everything - but I really wanted to cover this topic. Interestingly enough I took a whole different turn the second time around!
    What about the near future? I have a couple of projects in the back of my head. If I told you here, I'd actually have to follow through and deliver. If I did I'd use the following words: polar bear, PTSD, Canada, vet, aurora and peace.
    What I can promise are regular contributions to the following writing challenges: top ten Tuesday, funny Friday, use your words and secret subjects swap.
    I usually post the links on my FB pageBlogger and Google+

    How does your work differ from others in its genre?
    First of all I don't consider it work. Cleaning up is work, folding laundry and filling in tax declaration forms.
    Writing is fun, and I would hope that you can tell by reading my posts.

    Genre? Am I a mom who blogs or a mommy blogger? I'm not sure what the difference is, but I know that there are discussions going on about this, probably similar to SAHMs and working moms. I am neither, and I don't really care. I like to do it as Frankie does..

    I do have one thing that distinguishes me from most of the others, genre or not. English is not my first language. So I guess my work differs because nobody else's best friend is called Leo!

    Why do you write / create what you do?
    Because I like it. And thanks to the fact that I don't have to fulfill expectations tied to a genre or sponsors, I can go ahead and blog about my son and his friends, holidays, trips and what can go wrong when you travel, everyday life, even the occasional recipe - basically about whatever I feel like. 

    How does your writing / creating process work?
    Well, first I brainstorm, then write a draft, carefully counting words per paragraph,...
    Kidding. Even though I try hard to get more organized in general, my blog is not the place for it!
    Usually I just go about my usual day when an idea hits me. Or other bloggers inspire me. In the best of worlds I could sit down immediately and just type away. Instead it usually has to wait until I get a chance to at least start. I might write the title, plus a paragraph or two until it's time to pick up Colin or to go shopping or to start making dinner. 
    I know it'd be the smart thing to let a post sit for a couple of days, return with a clear head, edit, consider structure, try to look at it from the audience's angle and then publish. But? I am not a patient person. I want to write, insert pictures, read through it once - if I must - and hit the button. I like to think that I can keep it authentic that way ;-)

    And now… *drum roll* here are my nominations of the blogs I like:

    Today I have decided to nominate bloggers who are new to me, and whose posts I like because they are funny, creative, and I can relate to them:

    Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures reminded me that it is OK to cut yourself some slack: 6 lazy ways to celebrate earth day and Craft Fail. She seems to have eternal energy and ideas!

    Corli aka Sticky Fings and I connected over her project Top Ten Tuesdays. She lives in magical South Africa, and I like to imagine lions sneaking around in her back yard while she sits on her porch and blogs.

    Rebecca is Diz Mommy - she has a one year old son and discovers new facets to mommyhood every day - like the time when some weird dude put a grape in her baby's mouth. She even told her husband from which she usually keeps certain secrets. 

    Let's celebrate! Cocktails and compliments for everybody!

    Now that's almost a trip to the island!

    Top Ten Tuesday - My life's soundtrack

    Today's topic is 

    The top ten songs
    that would make up the soundtrack of your life

      Yay, what a prompt! It just so happens that I am prepared like never before! It's all done! 

      I used the assignment that was associated to the coveted Liebster Award - to list 11 facts about myself. Those facts came with a song, each. So here's my list, I just went ahead and removed no. 11:

      1. Flashdance - what a feeling, Irene Cara
      2. Walking on Sunshine, Katrina and the Waves
      3. Private Dancer, Tina Turner
      4. En rouge et noir, Jeanne Mas
      5. Groovy kind of live, Phil Collins
      6. Living years, Mike + the Mechanics
      7. Candle in the wind, Elton John
      8. Touched by an angel, Gloria Estefan
      9. Perfect Day, Hoku
      10. Clocks, Coldplay

      If you're interested to hear why I chose those songs, curious what no. 11 was or just want to listen to them, head over here!

      Saturday, June 21, 2014

      A woman's place

      "Miss, can we get some coffee in here?"
      *Grumble* I hate being the maid around here.

      Keeping in mind that it's not the client's fault that right out of college I chose to work in the conservative sexist  private banking field, I served coffee, cream, sugar, little chocolates and a smile. Every day. Several times. 

      Once, just once, I wanted to participate in a meeting, instead of facilitating the room for it. 

      I studied the performance of the client's investments. I didn't just take minutes at the portfolio strategy meetings, I tried to actually understand why the asset managers  decided to dump the Dollar and go after the Yen this week, or why it seemed clever to stock up on stocks, pun intended! I read newsletters and magazines. My coworker girlfriend and I attended luncheons, organized by fund management companies and soaked up the financial talk sipped free sparkling wine.

      I was ready. I had a niche. I knew how to make pies!

      If you are a loyal reader, it's not what you think!

      I didn't bake much back then, but I was the only one on the floor who knew how to work with Excel and make colorful charts. Hey, it was the very early 90s, and soon I had become the go-to girl of all the gray and white haired wealth managers who thought it was fancy to impress the client not only with a hundred lines on a bound computer printout, but a colorful pie with differently sized pieces representing currencies or value papers.

      One day when the senior asset manager brought croissants for us girls and just happened to mention that he expected a multi millionaire client this afternoon, and how nice it'd be to go through his portfolio with a nice presentation, you know, the one for which you use your magic and illustrate the diversification, I made my move. And extorted my presence in that meeting from him asked nicely if he saw a possibility for me to benefit from his wealth of experience and shadow him in this client meeting.

      I like to think that I came close. But no. I needed to keep my availability open for others who might want coffee.

      If ever I'll hold a powerful position I won't ask my assistant to bring coffee. And I'll give them opportunities to learn and grow!

      Fast forward 10 years. Nervously I was waiting for my interview with the managing director of Starbucks Switzerland / Austria, my future boss, so I hoped.

      If only he doesn't ask about my favorite beverage, and I actually land that job, I would try hard and become a coffee drinker. Maybe not a lover, but an appreciator!

      Yeah. Back then I liked connecting with people while "having coffee", the fact that I didn't actually drink the bitter infused  brown water that coffee was to me, has never bothered anyone so far.

      Turned out they had other things to worry about than what their new head of HR liked to drink. They needed someone to implement the Starbucks culture within the market, someone to overhaul compensation and benefits, someone to hire a gazillion people, oh, and someone to introduce the coffee master program. Huh? Me?

      "Yeah, isn't that what we sent you to Seattle for?"

      In the SBUX world, every beginning of a meeting is taken as an opportunity to have a coffee tasting. Somebody (as it turns out it was me - many, many, MANY times! 
      I volunteered!)  would prepare a coffee variety in the French press as we called it.

      Then we'd smell, slurp and describe what we were tasting, talk about the origin and processing method of the specific bean of the day, basically just appreciating a couple of minutes with no talk about turnover, bottom line or quarterly investor meetings. On good days there'd even be a food pairing complementing the aroma of the coffee. 

      That's how I became a coffee lover in no time! And a food pairing provider as well. Think gingerbread to go along with Christmas Blend! Apple muffins for Breakfast blend. Brownies for Pike Place Blend!

      One day I walked in on a blind tasting and started to chat with the District Manager who arranged it for his prospective store manager candidates. "Isn't that a little tough, some of them haven't been around for long?" I argued. A minute later he sat me down. In front of me   were three cups, filled with unknown coffee. "Go ahead", he said, "you can do it!" And whispering near my ear "Don't let me down, you're a role model around here!"

      I did fine. It was actually easy! 

      Earthy, hints of mushrooms = Sumatra, 
      Distinct citrus aroma = Ethiopia Sidamo 
      Nutty / chocolaty = Guatemala Antigua! 


      That was the true story of the reluctant assistant who hated to make coffee for everybody but ended up loving it - it's all just a matter of perspective!

      Same goes for the kitchen. You know the place that chauvinist pigs say is where women belong? 

      Back when I was Miss Excel Pie I didn't cook. I either went out or had canned sweet corn in front of the TV. 
      It's not that I didn't like to cook - I hardly knew how! And it was "just me". 

      Even when I moved in with the boyfriend who later became my ex, or the boyfriend who later became my husband, we often had frozen pizza. When I made pasta from time to time, he was impressed. 

      But you know what they say… 

      These days it takes a little more than spaghetti with tomato sauce. It is OK as a side dish, still, though, along with, let's say... baked parmesan crusted chicken!

      In the early years we didn't even have a kitchen table. We would eat in front of the TV or in the living room when there were guests. You know, on Christmas Eve.

      One year before the holidays, I decided it was time. I had this vision of growing my own herbs in summer and making cookies in winter. Gotta start somewhere: off to the furniture store we went! 

      About 18 months later you could see me sitting at this table, peeling, chopping, steaming and pureeing veggies for the little guy! 

      I started to feel like I had arrived. At first I didnt know what the h*** I was doing. The hand mixer I bought, overheated and died as soon as I put in something more dense than cooked carrots. You would be surprised how accommodating sales people can be when a clueless housewife admits that she needs help. They took the broken mixer back and deducted the amount from the new, fancy device!

      Colin liked to be in the kitchen, too. Lots of fascinating things to see. Like veggies steaming in the oven. He would sit in his high chair for 30 minutes and just stare at that oven like it was a TV! It was also a time to be very happy just to get a sip of water out of the pretty orange cup. Not everybody insists on getting the blue one ;-)


      I guess what I'm saying is that there is a time for everything. 

      I know I said "I have arrived" earlier. Well, it's not always love, peace and harmony. 

      Sometimes things don't turn out as planned. Straight to CraftFail they go!

      And sometimes I want to run away!

      It s*** to come up with meals every day! Especially if you're not supposed to make pasta! Or if you'd rather write for your blog instead of shopping for groceries and peeling potatoes. Cleaning up isn't fancy either. 

      Berries, anyone?
      Also I feel it's exhausting to be in charge. All the time. 

      Once, just once, I would like to just show up, and everything is taken care of: 
      • Diaper bag: complete with bottles of boiled water, milk powder, two sets of spare clothes, pacifiers, blanket, wipes, plastic bags, yes, plural. One for the dirty diaper, one or two for dirty and / or wet clothes!
      • Picnic basket: marinated meat, potato salad from scratch, fresh strawberries, chilled beverages, plates, flatware, napkins 
      • Shower: shower gel bottle refilled, fresh towel, set of clothes ready, freshly laundered and folded
      • Gym bag: hockey pants, socks, jersey, helmet, gloves, sandwiches, bottled water, towel
      • Dinner: châteaubriand, potato gratin, five different veggies, glass of wine - OK, mac'n'cheese, then, let's not ask for what I couldn't whip up myself!
      • Going out: hire babysitter ahead of time, stock fridge, make sure TV is working, have cash on hand

      You get the picture. Sometimes, coming home from a busy day at the office, it gets to me.  

      I need to pick up C, stock the fridge with stuff I purchased during lunch hour, make dinner, clean up, load and reload washer and dryer, set out clothes for the next morning, hunt down library book that was due yesterday.

      When all I would like to do is to eat satay chicken in front of the TV and not worry about a thing.

      Friday, June 20, 2014

      Ice cream & bottom smacks with three wise monkeys

      The other day Colin and I bumped into Doris who is Eric's and Vincent's mommy. We exchanged a couple of words, and just before she hit the road, he invited her sons over for a playdate on Thursday, and she agreed. That's how things work around here.

      Come Thursday, I found myself picking up the boys from Kindergarten, respectively daycare. Originally I meant to prepare a treasure hunt or something to keep them entertained, but I was just too lazy. Instead I decided to treat them to some ice cream.

      Just entering the Supermarket with them was a sight for the gods. Or maybe it was just me. I'm a one boy's Mama, and the dynamics are so much different when there's, well, more of them!

      First they made a spring at the DVD rack.

      "Oh, look, Rio 2, how cool!" (Humming the Rio theme)
      "I have never seen this Tom & Jerry!"
      "I need a new Planes movie, I misplaced mine!"

      While they were kneeling in front of that shelf, I picked out an olive oil.

      "What do you need that wine for?" Eric asked. OMG, do I look like a person who intends to drink in broad daylight with kids present? In all fairness, it had the shape and the color of a wine bottle.

      "Let's get ice cream, shall we?"

      V thought that clearly there must be another ice cream freezer

      "Can we go to your place now?"
      "I can't walk and lick at the same time!"
      (Remember, boys are prospective men, no multitasking, hahaha)

      E is not happy about having to sit down.
      What a waste of time. There's so much playing to do!

      Good friends aren't sulking for long.
      "Want to try mine?"
      As we sat there, a minivan parked in front of us, and two construction guys got out and went to the store. The three boys must have paid attention to the handimen's conversation because when they came out with their sodas, they told me the one with the Coke was Michael, and the one with the iced tea was Manuel. Aha.

      Next a 30ish woman with down syndrome walked by.
      The youngest of the boys had this grin on his face as if he were about to make fun of her when his brother nudged him and whispered matter of factly "she's handicapped."
      "How do you know that?" I wanted to know.

      "I've seen her around."
      "You see lots of people around, how do you know she is disabled?"
      "She has got a funny look."

      "There's people who can't see. They're blind" Eric stated.
      "That's true. But still they can get around, how do they do that?"
      "They've got a dog! Or a stick!"
      "I admire them. Do you know anyone who is blind?"
      "We've got a new neighbor. Because, you know, the lady who lived there? She died."
      "I heard about that. Is he blind nice, your new neighbor?"
      "He's got a cat."
      Giggling, he goes:
      "The cat is blind!"
      "What's so funny about that?"
      "I was just thinking... will they provide a blind cat with a dog - cause handling a stick would be kind of inconvenient?"

      On our way home there was a lot of boy's talk going on. Farts, poop, peckers, butts, it's all very exciting. Especially when there's a woman's butt to pat, which C likes to do. At home as well as in public. The more I try to stop him, the more he thinks it's funny. Doris told me the other day Vincent was into her butt, too. We decided we must be two extraordiarily sexy moms.

      Finally at home they secluded themselves in Colin's room. An iPhone and a blue flashlight would keep them them entertained for a while.

      Why is C wearing less / different clothes, you ask? Well, see, there was a good reason he was talking about poo all the time... As it turned out, his boxers have been compromised for a while. A long while - as long as it took for the mess to become all dry and crumbly..! Let me just tell you, it also took a long shower to get him all cleaned up. Of course I started a load of laundry as soon as we were done in the bathroom. But(t) it didn't take long, and he ran to the bathroom again. And needed another shower. Diarrhea is a bitch.

      Bottom line, it was a great afternoon with some shitty aspects, but I certainly enjoyed the conversations with his friends. Also they built some impressive things with Lego.

      When their Dad picked them up, C thought it was a good time to smack my butt again. Andrew grinned and said "you know, Vincent likes to do that, too!"
      "Yeah, I heard that! Doris told me!"
      "He doesn't have it from me!" he said apologetically. 
      Must be an act of nature or something.

      Wednesday, June 18, 2014

      How family friendly is your firm? (Article in German)

      The original article appeared over two years ago on the platform of an educational organization. I may translate it one day because the content is still very important to me. It is about women balancing babies and jobs.

      „Waaas? Du hast gekündigt? Warum denn?“ fragten mich Freunde und Bekannte während meines Mutterschaftsurlaubs. Ähm, weil ich nicht bereit war, in einem 100+%-Pensum weiter zu arbeiten und man mir innerhalb meines Tätigkeitgebiets keine Teilzeit-Option anbot!!? Und als vormalige Personalleiterin war ich ja ganz offensichtlich selber schuld; hatte ich es doch versäumt, meinen Arbeitgeber „familienfreundlich“ zu machen.
      „Die Verbesserung der Vereinbarkeit von Beruf und Familie ist eine politische Priorität unseres Landes. Die Unternehmen spielen eine wichtige Rolle bei der Realisierung von Fortschritten in diesem Bereich, vor allem durch die Schaffung familienfreundlicher Arbeitsbedingungen.“
      Bundesrätin Doris Leuthard, 2007
      Gehen wir mal davon aus, dass damit keine traumhaften (und unfinanzierbare) Zustände wie in Skandinavien angestrebt werden. Was bedeutet denn „familienfreundlich“ in der Schweiz?
      Firmen wie Mobility, IBM, Migros, IKEA, Swisscom, PostFinance, Novartis oder die Zürcher Kantonalbank machen es vor und bieten:
      • Bezahlten Vaterschaftsurlaub von 1 – 4 Wochen
      • Grosszügige Handhabung von unbezahltem Urlaub
      • Jobs (auch für Führungskräfte) im Teilzeitpensum
      • Flexible Arbeitszeitmodelle wie Jahresarbeitszeit und Home Office
      • Unterstützung bei der Suche von (subventionierten) Betreuungsplätzen für die Kinder
      • Zusammenarbeit mit
      Und andere Arbeitgeber?
      Eine nicht repräsentative Blitzumfrage bei meinen working mom Kolleginnen, ergab zwischen den Zeilen dieselbe Aussage: „familienfreundlich“ hat vor allem mit ganz simpler Menschlichkeit zu tun. Sie wünschen sich:
      • Dass die Arbeitszeiten und die Krippenöffnungszeiten noch besser aufeinander abgestimmt werden. Oder einen „Kinder-Butler“, den man anrufen kann, damit er das Kind von der Krippe holt, die um 18.00 Uhr zumacht, weil man selber immer noch im wichtigen Meeting ist.
      • Wirklich flexible Arbeitszeiten, so dass man während der Schulferien der Kinder vermehrt zu Hause sein kann.
      • Dass es kein Problem ist, auch kurzfristig mal Sitzungen zu verschieben und zu Hause zu bleiben, wenn ein Kind krank ist.
      Nun, DAS macht mich jetzt aber stutzig und traurig. Es gibt gesetzliche Regelungen (3 Tage bezahlte Abwesenheit für Betreuung von kranken Familienangehörigen) und frau hat ein schlechtes Gewissen, dies selbstbewusst in Anspruch zu nehmen.
      Und jeder männliche Arbeitnehmer, der ausserberufliche Verpflichtungen hat, egal ob im Gemeinderat, in der Feuerwehr oder im Turnverein, sagt ohne Wimpernzucken das Meeting im Vornherein ab oder steht um 17:30h auf und verabschiedet sich.
      Was wir arbeitenden Mütter mehr als alles andere brauchen, ist Verständnis für unsere Situation und Anerkennung für die 150 Stellenprozent, die wir ohne Nachtzulagen oder Kompensationsmöglichkeiten leisten.
      PS: hier ein Tipp für den Fall, der uns am Schwersten fällt: ein Anruf von der Krippe, man solle sein Kind sofort abholen, es habe Fieber und weine. In einer Stunde geht der Workshop los, den man leiten soll. Schon mal von den rettenden Engeln beim roten Kreuz gehört?Schweizerisches Rotes Kreuz – Kinderbetreuung zu Hause.

      Tuesday, June 17, 2014

      Top 10 Things - "survival items"

      Today's topic is 

      The whole world comes to an end. You are the only survivor left. All you have is the 10 items closest to where you find yourself RIGHT NOW. Name the items and how they will help you in your survival. No cheating!

      1. Last night when this prompt was published, we were enjoying my Dad's birthday wine tasting. We had 10 bottles. I'm done ;-)
        OK, for the fun of it...

        I'd use the empty ones as drift bottles - hoping that somewhere there'd be other survivors after all!
      2. The ones with leftover wine would keep me entertained :-)
      3. There was also some food, so I wouldn't go hungry for a day or so.
      4. My son's coloring pencils... would come in handy to actually write the note, you know - my message in a bottle.
      5. The backside of the paper with the tasting notes - again, for the please rescue me note.
      6. Before Colin went to bed, he also left his Panini soccer sticker album on the table. So I would finally have a chance to look at the player's portrays and memorize their names. Not sure how this would help me survive - unless one looked really hot!?
      7. My mobile phone - even if there's no one I could call. At least I could post on Facebook "hello world, I'm the only one left" - but frankly, where's the fun in that if nobody likes and comments?
      8. A cheese knive. Do you think it'd be sharp enough to kill my prey? Are there animals when the world comes to an end? If there are, do you think I'd actually be able to hunt one down and kill it? I don't.
      9. So I'd go vegetarian. Plant a strawberry and hope for some baby berries. Soon!
      10. Valentine Barbie. She was sitting on the side table, guarding the BBQ tongs. Yes, the grill is just outside. So I'd actually be able to cook my meat. But if I don't, and I go down because I am pretty sure my practical survival skills are not that strong, at least there'd be a fellow blonde.