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Friday, September 25, 2015

Funny Friday - Bears

Today’s post is September’s Funny Friday, a regular feature published on the last Friday of every month. Funny Friday is a collaborative project. Each month one of the participants submits a picture, then we all write 5 captions or thoughts inspired by that month’s picture. Links to the other bloggers’ posts are below, click on them and see what they’ve come up with. I hope we bring a smile to your face as you start your weekend.

Here’s today’s picture. It was submitted by Spatulas on Parade

  1. You've GOT to see the view from up here!
  2. C'mon up - I can always make room for one more.
  3. Mommy, I understand why I shouldn't climb up that high on my own - now help me get down, please? Can we go and get some honey fudge?
  4. When are the Boston Bruins choosing this season's mascot? I've been waiting up here aaaaaaaaaaaaaaall day long!
  5. Why did baby bear climb on the pole? Ask the chicken... 

Oh my goodness, I checked out their website - how awesome! Seems like a very nice family. 
Chocolate caramel & sea salt, peppermint patty, peanut butter, maple pecan, all the yummy stuff!
Too bad I don't live there. On second thought, maybe it's better if I don't live there. 
Did you know that the bear is the heralding animal of (old) Bern, Switzerland's capital?

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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Colin's LEGO birthday party

Can you remember being 7 and waiting impatiently for the day of your birthday party? Colin can tell you: it seems to take FOREVER!!! 

Finally today was the day, and we have been up since 7, preparing.

I didn't involve him much in choosing the games, but for the scavenger hunt I needed to leave the house, and I did NOT want to leave him home alone because he would see all the stuff that I made, so he helped hiding 14 LEGO bricks.


Convenience store. He asked the lady's permission.

Fence at daycare

Street sign

Fire hydrant

And more.

At 11am his best friends arrived. Their parents attended an out of town wedding today, and in order for the boys to be at Colin's party, we basically adopted them for 24 hours. For the time being I parked them in front of my notebook. 

They had fun watching videos, and I had peace and quiet to decorate the cake and set up everything in the living room.

Artists' corner

Spider web station

Every long string that was attached to the LEGO brick led to the kid's  assignment badge. 

After lunch, the guests arrived. 

We didn't know when the rain that was being predicted, was going to arrive, so we went on the scavenger hunt first.

They found the LEGOs so quickly that I was glad when it looked like they wanted to spend some time on the playground - but no. "Let's go, there must be more games" they said.

By the way, I stuck a letter on each LEGO, and they had to put them all together.

Back at the house they had to untangle their threads.

They did really well.

"Build something from the list"

Something like a flag

A pyramid

Not sure what this is. But he was looking so cute with it!

Or the Eiffel Tower

"Draw your own place mat"

"Play LEGO Bingo"

Guess how many LEGO pieces are in the jar?

"Have your picture taken with the LEGO man"

I should have put "have cake" on the list of things, too, so I could have achieved something today as well ;-) Oh, wait - I MADE the cake!

Everybody had their own nice personal place mat

Blowing out the candles makes a boy thirsty!

What's a birthday party without opening presents?

I love that some wrote a card. I never bother myself.

Some went outside to play. Others made awesome LEGO stuff.

I had one more ace up my sleeve in case I needed to keep them busy: the chocolate game. You do know the chocolate game, right? It's been around forever around here. I'm pretty sure we played it at my 7th birthday party.

This is how it works: kids are sitting around the table and roll the dice. Whoever throws a six puts on a scarf, sunglasses, a hat and gloves. Dressed like this they try to open the chocolate bar that is usually wrapped in newspapers.

Our chocolate was hidden in a LEGO construction that Colin made.

The catch is of course that as soon as you're close to eating a piece of chocolate - if you're dressed quickly enough - the next person strikes a six.

My turn!

No! Mine!

Look, she managed to eat some!

We had so much fun!

All done!

Waaaaaait a minute, not so fast! No party favors?

If you're curious what's in the treasure chest, have a look at my previous post.

I can't believe that this was it. So much planning, baking and crafting, and at 5pm they go home! Well, it ain't over till it's over. We still have our sleepover guests… I do hope they are as tired as I am. 

Maybe not.

PS: there were 35 LEGO pieces in the jar. The closest guesses were 30 and 40.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Preparation for Colin's LEGO Birthday Party

I didn't want to run into the same time restriction as last year and started early this time. 

This year it is going to be a LEGO birthday party!

The internet is full of great ideas:

How To Throw The Ultimate LEGO Birthday Party

It's a good thing I started early. This LEGO character mold turned out to be a tough one to handle:

When I finally managed to get the cake out without breaking the guy's neck or leg, the gingerbread wasn't very yummy to eat :-(

Maybe focus on a LEGO mini figure that isn't edible. Also it isn't miniature. It's over 4 feet tall! I had it enlarged and printed at a print shop. I cut it out and traced the shape onto a sturdy cardboard.

At some point the blade chipped!

Next job: painting!

I thought it'd also be fun to have a photo booth. 
To make it look differently I dressed this one in real clothes.

I ordered some water bottle labels


There is a free LEGO font you can download. So I printed name stickers for the guests:

I used them for the invitations, too:

I was talking about the baking mold earlier. Ice cube / candy molds gave me much less grief. As an alternative we made our own lego mold, too for our gummy candy.

I used them to decorate the lemon sheet cake he took to school. Here's a baking hack I'd like to share: freeze lemon juice and zest, take out as many ice pieces as you need. Time saved!

I originally wanted to use make cupcakes, using Cupcake wrapper templates. but then I figured if I was going to stick LEGO men on top, they'd be more comfortable on a flat surface. Also I didn't have time for printing and cutting.

We put some gummy candy into miniature canning jars as party favors for our little guests. 

On this badge the kids can see what
Games they are going to do:

Create your own place mat

Build something that's on the list below:

A flag, a bottle of wine, the Eiffel Tower, a butterfly, a rainbow,
a suitcase, a candle, a T-Shirt, a pyramid

Estimate how many LEGO pieces are in the jar
Have your picture taken with the LEGO man
Participate in the scavenger hunt

The party is taking place tomorrow. Stay tuned for the fun!

You can read about it here.